A 20 week program to empower you with effective natural strategies to overcome anxiety, depression, brain fog, and more.  


You are Smart.


Meant for an incredible life.

But you will never reach your potential if your mind and emotions feel out of control.

Maybe some of these things are familiar to you...

  • You’re stuck in patterns of stress, worry, self-doubt, or brain fog.
  • You’re struggling with sleep, exhaustion, body pains, or digestive problems that nobody seems to believe are connected or related.
  • You’re tired of medications and know there must be a more natural way to heal your body and mind.

What if it’s more than just a chemical imbalance in your brain?

The medical approach to conditions like anxiety and depression is to give drugs that alter neurotransmitters in the brain—like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.
But what’s driving those chemical imbalances? 
What’s underneath?
Truth is— your mind and emotions respond to many signals from the body— like inflammation, nutrient deficiencies, and the gut microbiome.

The Natural Mood Solution teaches you how to heal the most common root causes of anxiety, depression, brain fog, and more.


By addressing the root cause, we can transform chaos to calm.

My years of prescribing conventional medications showed me there is so much beneath the surface that drugs can never reach.  

Functional medicine uses natural strategies that work to address underlying patterns—like nervous system reactivity, nutritional deficiencies, or the gut microbiome—that affect the physical body AND the mind and mood. 

I created the Natural Mood Solution to teach the most effective tools from functional medicine that have generated predictable results for my patients who once struggled with things like anxiety, depression, irritability, and brain fog. 

I hope you’ll join me in this program so that you can become empowered to alleviate your anxiety and master your mind and mood naturally.

What You’ll Get in the Natural Mood Solution Program

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s inside...


Mood Food & Nutrients

Foods can have dramatic effects on the way you feel. By eating to balance blood sugars and reduce inflammation, you’ll learn how to eat in a way that keeps your mood stable and your mind calm. We’ll also discuss specific nutrients to support a healthy mind and mood so you can be savvy about your supplements and stop wasting money on unnecessary products.


Digestion & Detoxification

You need good digestion to absorb critical nutrients for brain health. Also, your mood responds to your digestion through pathways called the gut-brain axis. You’ll learn how to optimize your digestion, support detoxification, and reduce your everyday exposure to toxins that affect brain health.


Mind & Microbiome

Your brain can get stuck in patterns that keep you in a cycle of anxiety, panic, or depression. Through advanced brain retraining techniques, you’ll learn to regulate the parts of your brain that create a physiologic and emotional response. From the emerging science of the microbiome, you’ll learn about the vast potential of the microbiome to affect how you feel and how to harness its power to heal your mind. 

For less than the cost of a single month of 1:1 care, you’ll receive access to trainings and  downloadable handouts to work through at your own pace and convenience. You’ll be fully supported and have all your questions answered through live Q&As with Dr. McCarthy and nutrition and health coach, Amy Hillman-Siracusa. 
PLUS get Dr. McCarthy’s Exclusive Supplement Protocols and access to order high-quality and professional-grade supplements.

You’ll also receive access to these incredible bonuses:


Anxiety Quick Relief Kit

A curated list of fast-acting and powerful natural remedies to stop anxiety in its tracks.


Medication Tapering Success Guide

Set yourself up for success when working with your doctor to taper medications.


Functional Testing Checklist

Avoid overspending and make informed decisions about functional testing options.

The functional medicine concepts and processes that are taught in this program have helped countless others break free from anxiety, depression, brain fog, and more.

Like A.P. who had struggled with depression…

“My life before the program sucked big-time. I couldn’t function. I quit socializing, exercising and doing things I used to enjoy. I was depressed and cranky. I was in a living hell. Now I have my life back. I have the life I thought was gone forever. My brain fog has lifted and my energy is back. Dare I say I feel years younger? I think I can. Honestly, I’m a walking testimony to the program’s effectiveness.”

And V.G. who had been frustrated by brain fog…

“My memory is back. My husband notices it too. The change is pretty stunning, in terms of my mental acuity and brain fog. I am so sold. The living proof is literally on my face and in my body.”

And S.H. who was a tired mom…

"Feeling so much more energy and so much more mental clarity. My depression and anxiety feels like a thing of the past.”

And A.P. who thought she had tried everything…

“I was at the end of my rope by the time I met Dr. McCarthy. I had already tried a lot of other things— extensive testing and medications with traditional doctors, acupuncture, chiropractic and salt therapies. She gave me a glimmer of hope that she could help me. And she was right! Now I have energy and am interested in life again. I am symptom free”

And V.L. who never gave up…

"What's so good, instead of getting worse, I'm getting better. Most people my age just give up, but instead of worse I'm getting better".

Let’s Review What You’ll Get

  • Video trainings to guide you step by step to heal your mind and mood

  • Handouts to empower you with tools and techniques

  • Live Q&A sessions 

  • Five months of support in a private online forum

  • Exclusive access to professional-grade nutritional supplement ordering online

  • 3 bonus guides for anxiety relief, tapering meds, and testing options

  • Lifetime access to all recordings and resources

What It’s Worth


Without the right guidance, you could overspend thousands of dollars on unnecessary testing and supplements. You could spend years continuing to feel miserable. You could spend hours in therapy without ever addressing your biochemistry. You could lose energy and hope by following bad advice.

What You Pay


Save time and money while adding years of health and happiness to your life. 

Get  lifetime access to the Natural Mood Solution Program for only 

Single Payment of



3 payments of



This is for you if:

  • You believe that freedom from anxiety and depression is possible and there is hope for a happier future. 
  • You are ready to make powerful, step-by-step changes in your lifestyle that will make it easier for your body to feel calm and content.
  • You can commit time and energy  to engage in a process to heal your mind and your mood
  • You want access to science-backed functional medicine solutions to heal the root cause of your anxiety, depression, brain fog, and more. 


You always have a choice. 

We live in an age where information is everywhere. It’s hard to sort out the myths from the facts and to know what natural solutions or supplements will work for YOU. You can end up wasting your time, money, and hope on bad advice.

Or you could learn effective natural solutions from a board-certified psychiatrist and functional medicine physician and support your body to become less foggy, less anxious, less reactive, and less depressed. 

I hope you’ll choose to join The Natural Mood Solution Program. 

Alleviate anxiety and master your mood—naturally.

  • Video trainings to guide you step by step to heal your mind and mood

  • Handouts to empower you with tools and techniques

  • Live Q&A sessions 

  • Five months of support in a private online forum

  • Exclusive access to professional-grade nutritional supplement ordering online

  • 3 bonus guides for anxiety relief, tapering meds, and testing options

  • Lifetime access to all recordings and resources




3 payments of $697





This online program is designed to empower you with information and education. Dr. Tracy McCarthy created this program because she believes that knowledge is power. Please respect the complete terms and conditions of this program and understand that the content is not a substitute for professional or medical care of any kind.